Fighting the Good Fight

California Rural Legal Assistance has released its 2011 annual report, featuring three of my articles. CRLA is a legal aid organization that fights for the rights of those in California who struggle to make their voices heard, often collaborating with many local, state, and national organizations, including the Southern Poverty Law Center.�

via Fighting the Good Fight.



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2 responses to “Fighting the Good Fight

  1. Oh but you don’t have to miss it! Washington has the Northwest Justice Project (NJP). Check them out at Like CRLA, NJP also receives funding from the Legal Services Corp, a federal grantee that funds legal services for those who would otherwise be unable to afford representation. I assume that NJP is similar to CRLA in their dedication and unbelievable determination to help their clients find justice–something that can be very difficult when going up against powerful employers, negligent slumlords, or other Goliaths.

  2. What a classy publication. Nice work, Jill! I miss California activism out here!

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