Litquake Alert!

Got libations? Survival gear, including ibuprofen and rehydration tablets?

Ready. Set. Let it shake!!!!!

900 authors from all over the San Francisco Bay Area, the U.S., and the world.

Friday marks the 15th anniversary of Litquake, the best literary festival on the Left Coast. Sell-out shows include “The Best of Craigslist,” where writers give dramatic readings of found literature culled from REAL posts on Craigslist.  I’ve got tickets.

I’ll also be at “Drivel,” where some rather famous writers read some of their less-than-stellar prose.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.45.49 PM

Who could resist?

Interested in poetry? Try “A Flight of Poets” or maybe “Dark and Stormy: Contemporary Swedish Poetry.”

Adventure travel? “Into the Wilderness” or “Bicycle book tours,” depending on what your idea of adventure and travel really is.

Sci-fi? Try “Into Tomorrow.”



Something from the heart? Try “Tales of Love and Longing,”  “Hot Flash Fiction,” or “Family Secrets.”

Something edgy? Try “Walk on the Wild Side.”

Need to feed you inner chef? Try “Sausages and Syrah.”


The opening night party on Friday, October 10, will be celebrated quinceañera-style. Think pink taffeta and a shot or two of tequila. Oh, and don’t forget your tiara.

On the last night, October 18, the world’s largest Lit Crawl commences, 101 events in three hours. 

See you there!






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3 responses to “Litquake Alert!

  1. So, how was it? Awesome, I’m sure.

    • I worked the quinceanera party. Litquake turned 15!

      I attended Drivel and heard Andrew Sean Greer, Po Bronson, Ellen Sussman and others read some hilarious “not-ready-for-prime-time” work.

      I went to Marc Maron’s “In Conversation” evening. He’s like Woody Allen on speed. Check out his podcasts, if you haven’t heard of him.

      I went to Word for Word’s staged reading of Alice Munro’s short story “Free Radicals.”

      I missed “The Best of Craig’s List” due to a sitter failure. Sob.

      I worked Andrew Sean Greer’s talk at the California College of Art (CCA). He read from a novel he’s currently working on. Very funny stuff!

      I attended “The Art of the Short Story” and the “Art of the Novel” writing events. Great discussion.

      And I worked the first two phases of LitCrawl. Got to introduce Apogee Press in Phase 1 and some very hip mamas who’ve written for Hip Mama Magazine. Heard some great stuff!

      Then I attended the Write On Mama event, Family Secrets, for the final phase. Also some great, and poignant stuff.

      Then I had a glass of champagne with a few folks before checking out the after party.

      Then home. Took a hike the next day to clear out all the words. 😀

      IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

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