Laurel Is Our Hero

Editors of journals and at publishing houses often ask writers to compromise before publishing stories and essays. Each writer needs to decide whether those compromises are justified or whether they need to hold a hard line on the integrity of their story.

Photo by Susan Chase Foster

Well, Laurel Leigh, an accomplished author/editor held the line. And Dogpatchers are so very proud of her decision. She published the version of her story she wants to tell on her blog, and we’ve linked to it below.

We’re also including images from a very special night, where Laurel received well-earned recognition for her contribution to the arts in the Pacific Northwest. But it’s really all about the community she has created for many writers, the knowledge and expertise she shares, and her generous spirit. Laurel, you are a kick-ass friend, and we love you!

From left: Shannon Laws, Me, Susan Chase Foster, Janet Oakley – some wine may have been consumed by this point

We would be honored for you to read her story. Thank you!



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7 responses to “Laurel Is Our Hero

  1. Wes Pierce

    To read this tough-minded, generous, beautiful story is to be witness to something that we who are fortunate enough to know Laurel personally have always known: she is the big, beating heart of the Dogpatch. You’re awesome, Laurel. We love you.

  2. My earlier comment was too short. Too blunt and meaningless. Laurel was my first writing instructor through Whatcom Community College. Kind and funny, and patient. Later we found out we were neighbors in Sudden Valley. Soon she and my husband and several friends went to jazz concerts together, followed by dinners at our house. Dinners filled with good food, good wine, and lots of laughter (man, do I love her laugh). While I was in Denver helping my mother through hospice, she posted on Facebook that she’d sold her house and couldn’t find anyone who would rent her a house because she had a dog. Well, the dog was old as Methuselah, and I knew her; Clhoe was a sweetheart. We have a rental house that was empty at the time, and ta-da, Laurel had a home for as long as she liked. We required a deposit for the dog just cause it was in the contract at the time, and she insisted on paying it. When she left in order to move to Fargo, the house was clean as a whistle, not a dog hair in sight. She was surprised when we refunded the deposit. Heck! there was no proof there’d been a dog in the house. And that’s who Laurel is. Sorry this is rather long, but I can’t think of another way to explain how much she means to me.

  3. I just read about her journey. She is my hero.

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