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Comma Comma Comma Comma Comma Chameleon

Everyone should take a look at the NYTimes May 21, 2012, Opinionator column on commas. It never hurts to refresh your knowledge of grammar rules–and then break them.

The Most Comma Mistakes by Ben Yagoda

Happy Splicing!

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Maker Faire Revelation

Now, you wouldn’t think that attending a Maker Faire presentation on the world’s longest paper airplane flight would have anything to do with writing. But, surprisingly, it does. Continue reading

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Coffee Shop Writer

 Dear Writers,

Why do we write in coffee shops?

We come, us collective writers, expending time, probably gas, cash for high-priced drinks. We set up our tools of trade at little tables with uncomfortable chairs. We cringe when other patrons talk too loudly, laugh too loudly, or, god forbid!, talk to us. We peck away at our tablets under the too-dim/too-bright lights in the too-hot/too-cold room. I don’t really think I write better to “Pink Moon.” Continue reading



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Beware of any Book With the Word ‘Club’ in the Title

Write what you know. We have all heard this useless advice. To some, ‘useless’ might seem like too strong a word. And yet I say it again. Useless.

Telling people to write what they know is useless because when one gets right down to it, the real trick isn’t writing what you know. Continue reading


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Super Moon 2012 (splash)

Well, folks, get ready to HOWL! Beware your lover’s canines, and write through the wildness. My apologies to Allen Ginsberg.


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