A Course in Jazz Poetry

This poem came to me through Marcy Erb (http://illustratedpoetry.com/2015/04/14/john-coltrane-poem/), a poet/illustrator. The rhythm and imagery is amazing. Happy National Poetry Month!

Stephen Cramer

It’s official. This Winter Semester, I’ll be teaching a course which has never before been offered at UVM. A course in Jazz Poetry.

It’s been so much fun pulling together a syllabus for this one. In the past months I’ve not only reencountered poems that I haven’t seen in a while, but I’ve also discovered a slew of new pieces (particularly those in live readings). I’ve just recently hammered out the course’s time-line, which should look something like this:

In the first classes, we’re going to examine some of the less sympathetic, and even racist, poetry of the 1920s. Then we’ll quickly shift to look at some of the more discerning writers like Langston Hughes. We’ll spend some time reading and listening to the responses of a few poets associated with the Beat movement (Jack Kerouac, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Kenneth Rexroth). Then the course will culminate in some of the…

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3 responses to “A Course in Jazz Poetry

  1. What an awesomely cool class to design. Way to go, Marcy!

    • Just to clarify, Marcy illustrated an excerpt of Stiiman’s poem on her blog. It’s lovely.

      The class and the discussion of the poem is from a 2011 post by Stephen Cramer.

      So I guess you could call this a chain post. 😀

      • Okay, I’m caught up now, thanks. I did think Marcy was teaching the class. And I just looked at her post about it with her illustration. She’s pretty awesome. I just started following her blog and have been enjoying her art quite a lot.

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