Mardi Gras Dogs – Showing Our Shelves

Call of the Siren and Jilanne Hoffmann have issued an all shelf bulletin, asking readers to present their bookshelves to the world, or at least some of them. In the game of “we’ll show you ours if you show us yours,” someone always has to go first. So in the spirit of Mardi Gras, we’re gonna give ya a little tease.Photo: 123RF_

Here are three from Jilanne Hoffmann’s office. Is she missing any “must have” book on writing? Are there any in her collection you’d suggest she toss?Bookshelves 027 Bookshelves 028 Bookshelves 029
And some from Laurel’s library. Hmmm, let me see, Chaucer, Shakespeare and the English Romantics! mingling with Sabine’s Notebook series. Not to mention a few books on style. What shall we conclude from this juxtaposition?

Then we have a suspicious number of fabulously colorful Chronicle cookbooks. I’m starting to drool.


Another shelf where the themes run along the lines of writing and women. I think this coincides with Laurel’s “Little Novelist” manuscript about nurturing young female writers.

Little Novelist Shelf

Then we find some novels…In Cold Blood is sharing a shelf with The Jane Austen Book Club and Russian Winter. Interesting…

What looks like a reading pile…Reading Pile

And hiding behind glass doors…a Beatles Anthology and a 2011 Best of the West anthology, where Laurel’s story, “Shoeless,” is notably listed.

Keepsake ShelfI’m thinking that Laurel is far more organized than Jilanne, don’t you agree?

Right now, Wes and David are closely guarding their shelves. Actually, they’re probably dusting them off so they’ll pass the white glove test. Stay tuned for additional disrob–ah–disclosures.



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17 responses to “Mardi Gras Dogs – Showing Our Shelves

  1. Laurel, you impress me. Anyone who owns a book about waffles is my pal forever.

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  3. Jill, your shelves are my new reading list, although I have to confess that Virginia Woolf still scares me. I love the mardi gras dog!!

  4. Thanks Jill and Call of the Siren! I had to laugh when Jill pointed out that In Cold Blood and Jane Austen Book Club are on the same shelf of my bookcase. Although that might be sort of Karen Joy Fowler-ly.

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