Writing Styles – What is Yours? A Test

Check out the writing analysis in a post by Joe N, a nurse working, living, and writing in Nepal.

The tool he highlights dovetails nicely with a book I’m reading, Stanley Fish’s “How to Write a Sentence.” It’s an interesting analysis of writing styles, but the tool found in Joe’s post may also use verb selection and placement, sentence length, and vocabulary to make the analysis more complete.

How To Write A Sentence: And How To Read One
My children’s writing compares to Dan Brown (DaVinci Code—ha!), one of my more lyrical 100 word challenge blog posts (Valentine) compares to James Joyce, and one of my humorous blog posts (Spaetzle 911) compares to Chuck Palahniuk–OMG!! as the kids say. I could postulate all day about these conclusions, but I have to write something else at the moment. Try it. It’s a hoot!



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