Cecile’s Writers in The Hague

Dogpatch Writers Collective salutes Cecile’s Writers in The Hague. We hope you all go there—virtually at least. Cecile’s Writers is a quartet of talented writers that has launched a literary journal called Cecile’s Writers’ Magazine, publishing work by intercultural authors. Check out their awesome blog as well as submission guidelines at http://cecileswriters.wordpress.com/.

Props to this hardworking group—Sofia, Samir, Vanessa, and Cecile—for expanding the conversation within the world writing community and working to offer a platform for other writers to showcase their work. 

As the writing god Steve Almond would say: Carry on, comrades!




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2 responses to “Cecile’s Writers in The Hague

  1. Samir

    Thank you all for the kind words and for spreading the love.

  2. Ditto! This group adds much to the global conversation. Thanks, Laurel, for sending this note of appreciation out into the ether.I wish them great success with their literary journal!!

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